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Panasonic Phone Systems FAQ

Business Phone Systems - VoIP

Check my Panasonic voicemail from outside the office

To log in from outside the office, start by calling the office. If someone answers, have them transfer you to your mailbox. If the voicemail answers, press #-6 and your mailbox number.
Usually, there is a voicemail button on your phone, when you press it the display will show the voicemail.

How do I record company greetings on Panasonic TVA Business Phone Systems?

Call the voice mail when you hear the greeting press POUND 6 then press *998 and the password.

NOTE: The Message Managers Mailbox is 998. If you are on a system using 2-digit extension numbers, it will be 98. If you are on a system using 4-digit extension numbers, it will be 9998
Enter your password (if requested), then press POUND
Press 5 Custom Service
Press 1 to record a greeting or Press 3 to record a Custom Service Menu
You need to indicate that you either want to change a GREETING or a CUSTOMER SERVICE number
Enter the Greeting number or Custom Service number
Listen to the prompts carefully. Record your script and press 1.
Then press “1 to review or 2 to accept or 3 to erase” and start over. When satisfied with your recording, make sure you accept by pressing 2 or it won’t be saved.

Call Forwarding on the Panasonic KX-TDA, TDE, NCP, TAW848

You can have your calls forwarded to a specific destination. XXX means an extension number or an outside phone number. We indicated extension 165 as the voice mail for this sample. Yours may be changed, 500 is another common voice mail extension.
Press Intercom *7105500# (This is the most common forward used)
panasonic phone system call forwarding instructions
All Calls: All calls are forwarded
Busy: All calls are forwarded when your exertion is busy.
No Answer: All calls are forwarded when not answered within a specified time period or when your extension is busy.
Busy/No Answer: All calls are forwarded when you do not answer within a specified time period or when your extension is busy.
Find Me/Follow Me: If you fail to set your forward before you leave your desk you can set the same feature from the destination extension. Just press 7 in Step 4 and your extension number (or 8 to cancel forward)
How do I activate or deactivate the message waiting light?On the Panasonic KX-TVA login to your mailbox, Press 5, 1. The voice processing system will tell you if the message waiting for light is enabled or disabled. To change press 1 or to leave it as is press 2. When it is correct, press *** to exit the mailbox.

Instructions for adjusting the time frame for when the auto-attendant picks up on a Panasonic NS700

Log in to the system, then go to:
2. System, then
4. Week Table, hover over the time border between Day(light blue) and Night(dark blue) for each day, it will then turn into a slider that you can adjust left or right to the time you want.  Once you are done with each day then click apply.

How do I turn my ringer on, off, or adjust the volume?

All Panasonic proprietary phones can have the ringers turned on or off.  Most of the phones have a switch on the side or end that is labeled ringer.  You just move it to the desired position.  The display phones listed below do not have a switch and must be turned on/off as indicated below.

NOTE: While you can control the ringer on your phone, you do not control your phone ringing on incoming calls.  As an example, if you are station 105 and the system is programmed to ring lines to 105, your phone will ring on incoming calls.  You can turn your ringer on or off as you desire.  However, if 105 is not programmed to ring on incoming calls, turning your ringer on will have no effect (on incoming calls).

Instructions for adjusting the ringer volume on a panasonc kx-t

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