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Stay connected to your team and streamline your business with GotoConnect Paging Systems. In this guide, we’ll explore the benefits of using paging systems in business and give an overview of the Algo hardware you’ll need. Let’s get started!

algo 8186
algo 8138 IP Color Visual Alerter
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algo 8188

Introduction to Goto Connect Paging Systems

Goto Connect Paging Systems allow you to easily communicate with your entire team, no matter where they are located. With the Algo hardware and Goto Connect software, you can create a paging system that fits your unique business needs.

Benefits of Using Paging Systems in Business


No more missed calls or confusion. With paging systems, you can quickly and efficiently communicate with your team.


Save time and energy by paging instead of walking to someone’s desk or making a phone call.


No need for expensive phone systems or hardware. GotoConnect with Algo hardware is an affordable solution.


Create a paging system that fits your unique business needs and preferences.  With GoToConnect and our services it’s easy!

Algo Hardware Overview

algo 8188

ALGO 8188

The Algo 8188 is a powerful hardware device designed to enhance communication systems. It is a SIP audio alerter that integrates seamlessly with various communication platforms, including Goto Connect Paging Systems. The Algo 8188 offers exceptional audio quality and reliability, ensuring that important announcements and notifications are delivered clearly and effectively. With its easy installation and configuration, the Algo 8188 enables businesses to quickly set up an efficient paging system. Whether it’s for emergency notifications, scheduled announcements, or background music distribution, the Algo 8188 provides a feature-rich solution that enhances communication and collaboration within organizations.

algo 8180

ALGO 8180

The Algo 8180 is a versatile and feature-rich IP audio alerter designed to enhance communication systems. It is a powerful device that integrates seamlessly with various communication platforms, including GotoConnect Paging Systems. The Algo 8180 provides clear and attention-grabbing audio alerts, making it ideal for emergency notifications, safety announcements, and general paging purposes. With its easy installation and configuration, the Algo 8180 can be quickly deployed in different environments, such as offices, schools, manufacturing facilities, and public spaces. It offers a wide range of customizable alert tones and volume levels, ensuring that important messages are heard loud and clear. The Algo 8180 supports multicast capabilities, enabling simultaneous paging to multiple devices, and it can be easily integrated with other safety systems for automated triggering of audio alerts. With its reliability, flexibility, and exceptional audio quality, the Algo 8180 is a valuable addition to any communication infrastructure, providing efficient and effective audio alerting solutions.

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algo 8138 IP Color Visual Alerter

ALGO 8128

The Algo 8128 is a SIP Color Light that can be used to provide visual notifications for paging announcements and other alerts.

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Set Up and Configuration

Once you have connected your Algo hardware to Goto Connect, setup is easy. Simply create a paging group in Goto Connect, then assign your Algo device to that group. Configure the device’s settings and you’re ready to go.

Connecting Algo Hardware to GotoConnect

Connecting your Algo hardware to Goto Connect is easy. Simply follow these steps:

1. Plug in your Algo device to your network using an Ethernet cable.
2. Log in to your Goto Connect account and go to the settings page.
3. Select “Devices” then choose “Add a Device.”
4. Follow the prompts to add your device.

GoTo Connect business phone system

Best Practices for Goto Connect Paging Systems with Algo Hardware

Goto Connect with Algo Hardware is a powerful tool that can enhance communication and boost productivity in your business. To ensure the best experience, keep these best practices in mind:

Set up your paging system in a logical and organized manner
Train your team on how to use the system
Maintain your system and troubleshoot any issues promptly

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