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Samsung SVMi-4 4-Port Flash Voicemail Card


Samsung SVMi-4 4-Port Flash Voice Mail (KPFMS-B64R/XAR)


  • Provides 4 ports and up to 100 mailboxes
  • May act as an Auto Attendant system only, a Voice Mail System only or both
  • Using the latest in Compact Flash memory technology, the SVMi-4E provides up to 2.5 hours of message storage, supports Network Mailboxes, and provides multi-language support
  • Advanced Voicemail features
  • Easy, simple installation
  • Caller ID Compatible
  • Keyset Display and Soft Key Support
  • Recordable System Prompts
  • Alphabetic Directory
  • Answer Machine Emulation
  • External Pager Notification
  • Full message Control
  • Message Waiting Notification
  • Personal Greetings
  • Follow Me (Off Premises Transfer)

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Introducing the Samsung SVMi-4 Voicemail Card – a pinnacle of modern communication efficiency and versatility. Crafted to enhance your communication system, this card seamlessly integrates advanced voicemail capabilities, empowering your business with streamlined messaging solutions.

Experience the future of voicemail with the Samsung SVMi-4 Voicemail Card. Designed to complement Samsung communication systems, this card brings a new level of sophistication to your messaging infrastructure. Enjoy a seamless and user-friendly experience as you manage voicemails efficiently, ensuring that you never miss an important message.

The SVMi-4 Voicemail Card acts as an intelligent assistant for your communication setup. It offers advanced features such as voicemail-to-email integration, enabling you to receive and manage messages on various devices, even when you’re on the go. This level of flexibility not only enhances your accessibility but also contributes to more rapid response times.

Embrace the power of organization with the Samsung SVMi-4 Voicemail Card’s comprehensive features. Efficiently manage and categorize voicemails, ensuring that critical messages are readily accessible when you need them. The card’s intuitive interface simplifies navigation and control, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – effective communication.

Installation is a breeze thanks to the user-centric design of the Samsung SVMi-4 Voicemail Card. Seamlessly integrate it into your existing Samsung communication system, expanding your network’s capabilities without the complexities of an extensive setup. Enjoy enhanced voicemail functionalities without disruption to your operations.

As security remains paramount, the Samsung SVMi-4 Voicemail Card addresses this concern by providing secure voicemail access and storage. With password protection and data encryption, your sensitive messages remain confidential, ensuring the privacy of your communication.

Experience the transformative impact of modern voicemail with the Samsung SVMi-4 Voicemail Card. Elevate your communication system, streamline your messaging solutions, and empower your business with a card that seamlessly merges innovation and functionality. Redefine the way you manage voicemails and stay connected with the power of Samsung technology.