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Samsung iDCS 100 Telephone System KSU Main Cabinet


The IP-Enabled iDCS 100 is easy & efficient to use. The single cabinet is configured as a basic Key System Unit (KSU) with the option to add one of two expansion cabinets as needed. The iDCS 100 allows you to reuse existing Samsung equipment and phones, thus protecting your initial investment as your business grows.

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Samsung iDCS 100 telephone system was the industry standard for many smaller enterprises. While priced affordably, the iDCS 100 system offers higher-end features such as Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) standard or optional in each of its configurations. By allowing your employees to use the Internet to make phone calls in this manner, the iDCS 100 can vastly reduce the costs associated with large volumes of long-distance and international calls.

One of the iDCS 100 phone system’s chief attributes is its flexibility. It initially incorporates six lines, eight digital stations, and two analog stations, with the ability to expand up to 36 lines and 50 stations. That means that as your business grows, your phone system can easily and painlessly grow with it. Moreover, you can incorporate ISDN support and digital voice mail, and iDCS’s Uniform Call Distribution ensures that your call volumes will be evenly spread out in times of peak volume, making it perfect for businesses that might otherwise become overwhelmed or increasingly inefficient at the busiest times of the day.

Practically No Programming
The only programming that you and your employees will be responsible for is basic directory listings and speed-dial settings. Consequently, as a purchasing manager, you can be sure that your reduced costs and increased efficiency in the workplace will not come at the expense of wasted programming time or a steep learning curve.

With the ability to conform to a variety of existing phone line systems and the added comfort of system expansion when you need it, the Samsung iDCS 100 telephone system is the perfect tool for small businesses. Samsung is world-renowned for its unflinching commitment to quality, which means that you can look forward to years of trouble-free service. Digital telephony and computer integration are the future of business communication, and that future starts with the Samsung iDCS 100 telephone system.