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Panasonic KX-TVA200 Voice Mail


  • Voice Processing System
  • Supports voicemail and auto attendant services
  • Install using DPITS
  • 4 ports expandable to 24
  • 1000 hours of voice storage
  • 1024 mailboxes
  • USB port
  • LAN card included

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Panasonic KX-TVA200 Voice Mail is for Handling your telephone system traffic and all your communication needs with a voice processing system from a renowned brand name like Panasonic. Whether you want to improve the efficiency of your company in sales, human resource management, or marketing, the voice processing system offers your business more than you need in terms of facilitating communication. With the Panasonic voice processing system, you can quickly and easily record, send and retrieve messages at any time of day and night worldwide. Other than offering voice mail it also offers automated attendant service.

But it is not only about automated attendant and voice mail services only because there is more to it than that. For example, you can customize the system to meet your company’s unique needs because different businesses have different needs. Panasonic KX-TVA200 Voice Mail With the changes that the voice processing technology has experienced over the last ten years, it is recommended that you use just the best equipment in the industry and Arena Business brings you such.

The Panasonic KX-TVA200 Voicemail features:
• Initial configuration: 4-port
• Maximum configuration: 24-port
• Recording time inital configuration: 1000 hours
• Refurbished
• One year warranty

The KX-TVA200 System Highlighted Features:
• Alternate Extension Group
• Auto Forwarding
• Automated Attendant
• Broadcast Messages
• Busy Coverage Mode
• Call Transfer to Outside Line
• Caller ID Call Routing (APT/DPT Integration Only)
• Caller ID Call Screening (APT/DPT Integration Only)
• Caller Name Announcement – Personal (APT/DPT Integration Only)
• Caller Name Announcement – System (APT/DPT Integration Only)
• Class of Service (COS)
• Company Greeting
• Company Name
• E-mail Integration
• Extension Group
• List All Names
• Messge Delivery, Internal
• Message Waiting Notification-Device
• Message Waiting Notification-Lamo
• Multilingual Service
• On Hold Announcement Menu
• Operator Service
• Play System Prompt After Personal Greeting

The KX-TVA200 Subscribers Highlighted Features:
• Auto Receipt Confirmation
• AutomaticLog-In (APT/DPT Integration Only)
• Autoplay New Message
• Call Transfer Status
• Calling a Beeper (Pager)
• Delete Message Confirmation
• Group Distribution List – Personal
• Group Distribution List – System
• Live Call Screening (APT/DPT Integration Only)
• Message Transfer
• Personal Greeting for Caller ID (APT/DPT Integration Only)
• Personal Greetings
• Playback Volume/Speed Control
• Private Message
• Remote Call Forwarding Set (DPT Integration Only)
• Unlimited Message Length
• Urgent Message
• VM Menu (DPT Integration Only)

The KX-TVA200 Voice mail works on the following Panasonic systems:
• Panasonic KX-TA824 and KX-TAW848
• Panasonic KX-TDA50 / KX-TDA100 / KX-TDA200 / KX-TDA600
• Panasonic KX-TDE100 / TDE200