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Yealink EXP50 Expansion Module


Enhance your communication workflow with the Yealink EXP50 Expansion Module. Seamlessly integrate with compatible Yealink IP phones to enjoy a spacious display, programmable keys, and optimized call management for increased efficiency. Elevate your communication experience today.



Elevate your communication capabilities with the Yealink EXP50 Expansion Module. Engineered for enhanced functionality, this essential accessory is designed to seamlessly integrate with compatible Yealink IP phones, providing a spacious display, customizable programmable keys, and optimized call management features that amplify your productivity and communication experience.

The Yealink EXP50 Expansion Module empowers you with a generous 4.3-inch color screen. This expansive display offers a clear visual representation of your call status, contacts, and notifications, allowing you to manage your communication more efficiently.

With a multitude of programmable keys, the EXP50 Module lets you customize your keypad according to your needs. This flexibility ensures easy access to functions, contacts, and call features, enabling you to handle your calls with precision.

Designed for seamless integration, the EXP50 Module is easy to install and configure. Attach it to your compatible Yealink IP phone, and you’ll have instant access to a wealth of additional keys and features that optimize your communication workflow.

Whether you’re managing complex call scenarios, handling multiple contacts, or seeking to streamline your call management, the Yealink EXP50 Expansion Module is a valuable asset. Experience heightened efficiency and communication effectiveness with this versatile accessory.