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CP935W Wireless Conference Phone w/WiFi


Experience seamless wireless conferencing with the Yealink CP935W Wireless Conference Phone. This advanced conference solution offers exceptional audio quality, wireless connectivity, and a user-friendly interface, enabling efficient and clear communication during meetings.


Elevate your conferencing experience with the Yealink CP935W Wireless Conference Phone. Crafted for excellence, this advanced conference solution combines superior audio quality, wireless connectivity, and an intuitive interface, ensuring that your meetings are efficient, clear, and highly productive.

The Yealink CP935W Conference Phone ensures crystal-clear conversations. With its cutting-edge audio technology, your discussions become natural and engaging, even in larger meeting spaces. The wireless connectivity eliminates cable clutter and enhances mobility, allowing participants to move freely during calls.

The user-friendly interface of the CP935W enhances usability. The intuitive touch-screen display provides easy access to features, contacts, and call management. This streamlined operation optimizes your conference call experience and eliminates the need for complicated setups.

Whether you’re in a conference room, boardroom, or collaborative workspace, the Yealink CP935W Wireless Conference Phone empowers you to conduct meetings with ease. Experience superior audio quality, wireless convenience, and efficient communication during your important discussions.