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Columbia Pacific Telesystems mission is to empower business organizations of all sizes to achieve more with their telephone and network equipment. Our journey into the telephone and networks space started over 67 years ago. We now offer our customers the sales and support of VoIP telephone systems, voicemail, fax, data cabling and wireless networking.

Columbia Pacific Telesystems

Empower business organizations to achieve more

Founded in 1984, customers in the San Diego area basically had one choice to get an analog dial tone using a landline: Pacific Bell.
Today, challenges arise from AT&T, Cox, Spectrum, and other telecommunication behemoths. Landlines, for many customers, are going the way of newspapers, CDs, cassette tapes and phone booths.

Evolving with the Times

Today, among the services and systems Columbia Pacific Telesystems offers are Session Initiation Protocol (SIP Trunks), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), fiber-optic cabling, voice and data cabling, local long-distance phone bill analysis, IP phone systems, cloud-based (hosted) phone systems, hybrid IP phone systems (digital and analog) and call accounting/call recording software. The company has partnerships with the top VoIP providers in the country to easily upgrade SIP and IP systems.

Providing our customers with the best service

It sounds easy, but few organizations can provide the diverse global resources, technical skills, product capabilities, service tools, and service personnel to provide a complete solution. We provide our customers with the best service we can, and our customers’ satisfaction is always remaining our top priority.


“So much has changed since 1984” Karen says, “but we started with the idea of offering personal service and that has stuck with us today. Our list of services has expanded, and with Jason, Mike, Garry and CJ, we have the best technicians in the industry.”


“So much has changed since 1984” COO Karen says, “but we started with the idea of offering personal service and that has stuck with us today. Our list of services has expanded, and with Mike, Garry and CJ, we have the best technicians in the industry.”


37 years after the company was founded, Columbia Pacific Telesystems employees take the time to answer each call with warmth and attentiveness. They know the individual needs of each customer—and sincerely want to address them.

A True Family Business

There is a downhome, comforting feeling when it comes to Columbia Pacific Telesystems in San Diego.  Part of this is the fact that no matter when you call during business hours, a live person answers the phone.

In today’s world where the headlines are dominated with corporate scandal and dishonesty, you need a name you can trust. Columbia Pacific Telesystems has been serving San Diego customers for over 37 years and we pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity. We are a licensed contractor with the State of California and have a long list of references that will support our claim that we consistently provide quality service and productivity. We simply offer tried and proven products and our best service at a fair price.

Since joining the family business in 1986, Karen has been the first person to arrive in the office every day. “It’s something I like doing, and it’s needed,” Herreros says. “You have to have a reason to get up in the morning, right? To me, our customers are more like family. They appreciate knowing that when they call, they will get a live person picking up on the other end and we will work with them to solve the problems. The last thing you want if your lines are down at a business is to get a voicemail and your customers cannot reach you.”

Columbia Pacific Telesystems was formed in 1984 by the late George Herreros—almost by accident. He and Karen were at a San Diego Padres baseball game with a friend who knew he had recently retired from Pacific Bell Telephone Company (Pacific Bell). That is when the friend casually asked him for advice on finding phones and a reliable system for his business. From there it grew to its peak of more than 20 employees.
“Every customer is like family to my mom,” says Kelly Villarino, the company’s first employee and CFO. “There are customers who she sends birthday cards to on their birthdays. She knows their family and life history and is a friend to everyone she meets or talks to. She goes above and beyond to make sure our customers and vendors realize they are a part of the family.

Karen, Kelly and Mike have more than 75 years of combined experience with the company.
“Since we all have different positions, it helps to reduce tension and conflict,” Kelly says. “It helps to all come together to solve problems. Since my mom and I are close, it has helped us in the day-to-day operations. We pretty much think the same way and solve problems the same way. You must be very compatible to work together for 37 years, and for the most part, we have not had any issues.”

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