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Unified Communication Products Nextiva’s cloud-based business communication products provide small and mid-sized companies the ability to gain a competitive advantage, transform their business, and increase their profitability.


Why get Nextiva Office for your business?

We’re here to help you smoothly transition from a traditional phone system to feature-rich unified communications.

Office-Overview-01 (300x149)EASILY SCALABLE

Adding users is a breeze with our NextOS online portal


Office-Overview-02 (300x149)LOW COST

Spend significantly less on setup and monthly costs than traditional phone systems


Office-Overview-03 (300x149)NO DOWNTIME

Your phones keep ringing when power is out, and forward if internet is down


Office-Overview-04 (300x149) (2)


Keep your employees connected in one system, regardless of their location


Office-Overview-05 (300x149)

Make calls and manage your system from anywhere – without an IT degree


Upgrade your business with cloud-based unified communications

Nextiva brings you much more than a phone service.